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Justice and Republicans
Jerry Fallwell is still dead
 2012 holiday album

The Adults Take Over the White House
A Coup and Demonstrations in Myanar
Bad Policing Gets a Reckoning
How Are You Coping With the Pandemic?
Pandemic Travel in Southeast Asia - Updated Again
Siem Reap Gets a Face Lift
Blog #50

Happy Holidays from Our Bubble to Yours
Thai Politics Messy Again/Still
Come Live With Us at Villa Khursani
Pandemic Travel in Southeast Asia - Updated

Back to the Circus
Our Staycation Update
Pandemic Travel in Southeast Asia (and Bhutan)
Jerry Falwell Is Still Dead, Jerry Junior Is Out Of A Job

Meat Balls, Outlander and a Pregnant Cat:
What we are doing on our Pandemic "Staycation"

Coronavirus Hysteria
China Blames US for Wuhan Infection
Perfect Breaks from Covid 19: Cambodia and Bhutan

The 40th Anniversary of my Death
The Lessons of Jonestown
About Purple Dragon
What I Did for Thanksgiving

How I Got Here (to Cambodia, I mean)
Dueling Funerals and CD
The Zen of Lawns

Snake vs. Tokay

The End of the Dream

Anyone Still Reading This?
Fuck Up Your Own Planet, Not Mine
Get Rich Selling Gay Travel
The Demise of Bhutan Boy

Tomatoes in Cambodia: the "Back-story"
Suu Ky Goes to the Dark Side

Return of Bhutan Boy
Gone are the 705s
Divorce, California Style
Ignore The Noise, But Stay Angry

Hate Wins
The Election of Donald Trump

My War With Plastic
(and what you can do as a responsible traveler)

Bhutan: It Gets Better Every Time
Douglas' Photo Blog

It's All About The Guns (and Those Who Ignore Them)

How to Be Rid of The Donald

God Isn't Fixing This

The Erawan Shrine Bombing

My Month With Bhutan Boy

How I ate my way across a Himalayan Kingdom

Tomatoes and Democracy: Thailand's Political Battle to the Death

Whistles in the Streets
Abuse of Cheese, Bacon for Your Health, and
Darika's Tasteless Virtual Greeting Cards

Welcome to Sandbag City

The Oldest Guy on Grindr
Facebook Raises the Dead
The Return of Darika

The Death of OrchidMania
Where to Eat Italian

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about the Red Shirt Protests
(includes exclusive photos)

Everything is a Cycle
Where NOT to Eat
Don't Call it a Blimp

Personal Chef Travels by Zeppelin
Where to Eat in Ukiah
Never Volunteer for Anything

Never Serve Noodles at a Funeral
Bye Bye Bangkok Pride
The Obama Disappointment
Where to Eat in Guilin

Mad As Hell
Suicide by Credit Card
What Color is Your Shirt?
Bangkok Street Food

Bail ME Out
Hate Mail from Republicans
New Years Resolutions

Enough is Enough--yellow shirts vs. red shirts
and the drama at our airports

Our Race with Teenagers
"Crocodile Tongue"
Bad Guys Are Still Dead

My Velveeta Confession:
Humboldt Fog, Germin-Roban and Other Things I Cannot Live Without

Three Dot Journalism Lives
Joe is Gone
The Free World is Doomed

Ode to Burma

Fixing the Box
More of "I hate TV" and
Jerry Falwell is still dead

Suggest a Title: The Big, Bad Hospital

What Diane Said

God Hates Television

My Boyfriend is Not Good Enough

Hug your Data

Turkey neck is not a Christmas delicacy

Tomatoes for the Homeless
My Interview with Darika

OK, So I Need an Overhaul
Chin Lifts and Chardonnay

'Tis the Season to be Spending

What If They Gave an Expo and Nobody Came?

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