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01 January 2016

How To Be Rid of The Donald

This could be my shortest blog ever

Have you ever considered what might happen if Donald Trump gave a major campaign speech and no TV cameras showed up? He loves to hurl insults at the media, calling them scum. "They're horrible people," he tells his cheering fans. I have to wonder how he would react to being ignored.

Honestly, what I see happening in my own country of birth is horrifying. It's horrifying that a guy like Trump is soaring in the polls, and equally horrifying that the same media he professes to hate are doing their part to push his poll numbers ever higher. I am also horrified that the rest of the world is watching the presidential campaign like it's some kind of reality show. Americans want to return their nation back to the state of greatness they feel it has lost by election a bullying jerk that the rest of the world laughs at except, apparently, for Vladimir Putin.

Rather than sulking with bruised feelings, the media cover him faithfully because his antics are good for ratings. The effect of all this free publicity for a neo-fascist who panders America's less educated, least enlightened voters is that the are all but guaranteeing that he will be the next Republican candidate for President of the United States. CNN is probably the most guilty of broadcasting The Donald's every word, in particular on two weeknight shows hosted by gay men.

Imagine if thousands, or even tens of thousands of American voters posted something on Facebook, Twitter, or other social  media saying something like "When I see a Donald Trump story on your network I will immediately change the channel." (You can even add, which is an abbreviated link to this page. I'd love for The Donald to call me names so I can add them to the quotes in the sidebar, although his vocabulary seems to be quite limited. Does he really know only four adjectives?) TV networks set advertising rates based on ratings, the number of people who tune in. Donald Trump is money in the bank. But if they lose viewers in large numbers it hurts them in the pocketbook.

Don't know about you, but I don't think CNN is entitled to choose the next leader of the free world. If you agree with me, start posting, tweeting, re-tweeting and sharing.

Happy Ending: The Obituaries

Unlike most end-of-year blogs, no obituaries appeared in this space. One story in the New York Times (which Trump  recently called a "failing" newspaper) did a better job than I could. After all, they have an Obituary Editor, a career that even I could aspire to.