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17 June 2007

What Diane Said

"Liza was excited. In three days her friend Timothy would come visit her in the United States. Suddenly, the phone rang. Liza couldn't believe her ears! Sadly, Timothy told her, 'I cannot come...the consul said I am 214(b).'

"On any given day throughout the world some visa applicants find themselves in Timothy's situation. They hear the consular officer say, "Your visa application is refused. You are not qualified under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act."

And so began an email (not even a letter, mind you) from U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein in response to my letter regarding Nut's visa refusal (Seep 5 April). Can you believe this crap? Although Nut could not care less now, I am more angry than ever.

Diane went on to use phrases like "during this heightened state of security," leading me to ponder just how big a threat a thirty-three year old former hairdresser could be to the security of the United States. No, Diane. This is homophobia plain and simple.

Diane Feinstein is a poster child for homophobia. Looking back at my many years in San Francisco it is impossible not to remember that the Fineswine never made a single appearance in San Francisco's fantastic annual Pride parade during her term as a Supervisor, then as Mayor, as a candidate for Governor,  or later as a United States Senator. While she has always depended on the pivotal votes of our community (particularly when she was the subject of a well-deserved recall election as Mayor) we have never really received anything in return. San Franciscans love to export politicians they love to hate to Sacramento and Washington, where we adore them from afar. I am ashamed to say that I have voted for her myself, although only once. Can't we find a better Democrat? As Democrats go, Diane is about as Republican as they come.

That is the end of this story. I feel better now.

By the way, both of us are grateful for the supportive email we received from friends and strangers. To tell you the truth, I am astonished people really read this blog. Nut put his passport with the "no visas for boyfriends" stamp through the shredder this morning.

dot  dot  dot

Nut and I are just back from several days in Guilin, in southern China. It was my third visit and his second. I can't wait to return. I have never seen so much incredible food in a single place anywhere else in the world, including Paris, New York and Bologna. We had ten unbelievable meals in nine days. While I have been writing regularly for Fah Thai, the Bangkok Airways in-flight magazine, we were there to research my first food feature for them. Nut takes the photos. Look for "Taste Guilin" in the July/August issue. If you plan to visit Guilin, I will gladly tell you where to eat. Bring back a doggie bag, please.

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Jerry Falwell is still dead.

God still hates Television. Did you know that TV was not allowed in Bhutan until 1999? Some Bhutanese are concerned that the boob tube would erode traditional cultural values there. How do I know that? I saw it on TV.