Professional Fees

Like virtually all other professionals, my services are not free and are charged by the hour. However, I may, in some cases, quote a flat fee for a specific project that does not involve ongoing services.

My fee for professional services is US$75 per hour. I am generally not interested in projects that require fewer than eight hours work. If overnight travel is required, the required minimum is twelve hours. plus an additional eight hours for additional consecutive nights.  For related services provided by my staff in conjunction with projects I accept, the cost is US$40 per hour.

Payment based on the estinated first stage of the project is required before work begins. Fees do not include airfares, meals, hotel accommodation, local transportation or other travel costs, if required. Airfares and hotel accommodation must be pre-paid by the client.

I may choose to accept to undertake a project at a reduced fee at my own discretion if I believe I believe it significantly impact my future income, or will public relations value, or prestige.

The acceptance of any project depends on deadlines, my availability, and whether I find the work interesting and professionally-rewarding, and whether or not I believe I can successfully deliver the results a client hopes for.

Should you wish to start a conversation about us working together, let's begin with an email to: [email protected].